Welcome to the historical archive of Basque studies

The Popular Foundation for Basque Studies was born in 2008 with the vocation of defending democratic freedoms, founded on the freedom and equality of all Spaniards.

Its vocation as a cultural entity is the recovery of the past and the construction of the future from the perspective of the Spanish and European center-right.

Its principles are the defense of the Foral Institutions, the Spanish Constitutional Framework and the construction of the European Union as a political entity.

Who we are?

The Popular Foundation for the Basque Studies (FPEV), an entity incorporated and registered in the Basque Government, is a non-profit foundation driven by the Popular Party, whose scope is the Basque Country.

The FPEV is a forward-looking organization that pretends to continue performing its actions in the future, which will be addressed to the whole society in general, as well as the local and regional organizations of the Popular Party.


The Popular Foundation for Basque Studies-Euskal Ikasketetarako Fundazio Popularraren (FPEV), among its foundational objectives, is entrusted with channeling the liberal and reformist currents of thought in the Basque Country for political action, taking into account its history and its regional and constitutional uniqueness.

With a vocation to serve as an instrument of analysis and study in the Basque Country, promoting and carrying out actions aimed at meeting the different cultural and social needs existing in society.

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