An intelligent, educated and cultured people, they know their past perfectly, they study it in its historical context and do everything possible to recover it, save it, investigate it and pass it on to future generations.

History has always been a controversial point in the evolution of a society, since it can be interpreted in different ways, and sometimes there are agents who seek to interpret historical events in a biased way to promote interpretations or erase events that are not "interesting ”.

The Popular Foundation for Basque Studies - Euskal Ikasketetarako Fundazio Popularraren, defends individual freedom as the value that allows each person to progress, exceed goals and order their life according to their own decisions, in the conviction that the exercise of individual freedom Respect for the uniqueness of each person makes society as a whole prosper and improve.

Never any supposed collective right, which neither exists nor has ever existed in any era or civilization, can be above, or restrict the exercise of individual freedom of a person.

Since the beginning of the political transition more than 40 years ago, Basque society has undergone a profound transformation, its social and political reality is far from the nationalist stereotype and, on the contrary, pluralism is its most pronounced feature.

Currently, Basque society is a society comparable in its convictions and aspirations to the whole of Spanish and European society, demonstrating an unequivocal desire to win peace in freedom and under the protection of democratic norms.

For too many years in the Basque Country, certain groups have moved by dedicating themselves to the systematic violation of legality with margins of quasi-impunity. Their permanent attacks on human rights and citizens' freedoms have been slow to find a proper response and society has often felt defenseless in the face of their actions.

It can be said without fear of being wrong or exaggerating, that the Basque and Spanish center-right has been tried not only to deny its voice and its presence in reality and in Basque society, but at certain times its annihilation has been sought as social expression and political organization.

They have tried to eliminate a Basque reality, trying to marginalize the political importance of the Basque center-right, and some would like to continue denying its present and future, given the virulence and level of sectarianism with which they try to deny a reality of thought, which is the majority in Europe.

Everything that has happened up to now, not only in the history of the Basque Country, but also in the events that occurred more recently, it is important not to forget them and pass this knowledge on to future generations, so that, as a society, we are able to avoid similar situations in the future.

We will only be able to respect each other and we will be able to live in freedom, if we are able to understand what we have experienced as a society, we respect it and frame it in its historical context, with the idea of overcoming differences, recognizing the damages inflicted and definitively forgiving ourselves in order to build a life in common with peace and freedom.

Well, the Popular Foundation for Basque Studies - Euskal Ikasketetarako Fundazio Popularraren, among the founding objectives it has established, compiles the historical facts of the history of the Basque Country, and especially the history of the Basque center right.

Since its constitution, the Popular Foundation for Basque Studies - Euskal Ikasketetarako Fundazio Popularraren has compiled historical collections, which make up a documentary and photographic archive difficult to match, and on which any researcher can access them and prepare a study based on events that occurred in our history and not in personal interpretations.

Fundación Popular de Estudios Vascos - Euskal Ikasketetarako Fundazio Popularraren

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