The condition of Socio-Friend allows you to access the notification scoop of activities and public events of the Foundation, reserve your presence at public events with priority, get discounts on publications and download reports and documentation via the Internet, as well as to participate with your suggestions and comments or join the digitization program of history funds.

One of the activities to which the Foundation gives utmost importance is the recovery and digitization of family funds of a cultural, social, economic and historical nature of public and private entities. This activity aims to generate a documentary data base to study political, social, cultural and economic history of the Basque Country and Spain, where the Basque non-nationalist centre-right has been critically important since the nineteenth century.

In this area, the Foundation has offered to collect and digitize the written or photographic documents that have significance in the history of the Basque Country and Spain, regardless of their political affiliation for free, because we understand that the wealth of sources strengthen the value of our files. This service shall comply with the conditions of deposit and public communication as their owners wish to.




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