The individual freedom is the value that allows each person to progress, overcome goals and organize their lives in accordance with their decisions.
The exercise of individual freedom, respect for the uniqueness of each person, makes the whole society prosper and improve.
Never any alleged collective right, which neither exists nor has ever existed in any era or civilization, can be above or restrict the exercise of people’s freedom.
Since the beginning of the political transition more than thirty five years ago, the Basque society has undergone a profound transformation. Its social and political reality is far from the nationalist stereotype and, on the other hand, pluralism is its most pronounced feature.
At the same time, in the last quarter century we have seen the roots of our institutions of self-government and democratic convictions of citizens grow. This reality has resulted in an electorally bet for moderate and autonomist options.
The Basque society now is the least nationalist and radical in our democratic history, homologable to the whole Spanish society in its beliefs and aspirations, and unequivocal in its desire to defeat terrorism and reach peace; peace in freedom, protected by democratic rules.
For too many years the Basque Country has been an exception to the general principle of equality of citizens before the law, which is absolutely incompatible with the rule of law.
During many yerars in the Basque Country, certain groups have systematically violated legality with margins of quasi-impunity. Thus, society has often felt helpless in front of their actions, as it has taken too long to find proper response to their constant attacks on human rights and freedoms of citizens. 
Determined action by governments of the Popular Party, performance of the security forces, international coordination and cooperation, and mobilization of Basque and Spanish society have been the starting point of the recession of totalitarian practices and assassinations (whose final is before us) in the Basque Country.
But these years have been (and for many people still are), bitter, hard and painful.
It is with no exaggeration and without fear of contradiction that we can say that there have been attempts not only to deny Basque and Spanish centre-right’s voice and presence in the Basque reality and society, but to destroy it as political organization or expression, in certain moments. One of the most important currents of thought and political organizations in Europe, denied in the heart of the developed Europe.
They have sought to cancel our past as Basques, they try to marginalize our current political importance, and some would like to deny us the future, given the level of virulence and sectarianism in seeking to deny the reality of mainstream thinking in Europe.
But the thought of freedom, of people and their families, the respect for legality and the rule of law, forms and democratic norms, equality of all Spaniards before the law in rights and obligations, is an achievement that has cost and continues to cost. Nobody has given it to us.
However the effort to implement and develop a democratic state governed by law, in defence of freedom and equality of Spaniards, has historically faced the greatest difficulty and opposition in the Basque Country.The consolidation of there is a continuing need to overcome the political hegemony of those who never accepted the democratic state or failure of the revolutionary model.
All these difficult years have not enabled us to develop and complement the electoral action. But the same way we promoted and consolidated a political organization in the most adverse circumstances, which today is an unquestionable reality centre in the Basque political panorama, it is our determination to build tools in order to develop and adapt the contemporary political currents of our ideological spectrum to the political singularity and plurality of the Basque Country, as a way to achieve full freedom and coexistence between all Basques.
That is why this Foundation has been created, and why we invite you to join us with your ideas, contributions and collaboration.

Carlos Olazabal

Director de la Fpev.


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