Any editorial work, even in the so-called narrative, are supported by many hours of documentary search which give reason of the truth of what is account.

With Roots of Freedom ( Raices de libertad) has happened the same when it was verify that each ETA’s murder generated a multitude of notes in the press speaking about how the death of the victims was. The articles would mostly cover on who was murdered, where he/she had been killed and little more. Perhaps because the brutality of the death had to be published the following day and there was no time to write a painful portrait of the victim.

Under this title, is the first time that an editorial take the effort to unite in a book the profiles of so many men killed who belonged to the center-right Basque. The society practically knew nothing about it, only their most intimate companions and, of course, their families.

In the absence of documentary evidence, it became clear that we had to go to the testimonies of those who really knew them. There were not others to ask that their families and friends.

It is well known that much reality frightens the human race and that hardly can bear it too much. That is why, the authors of these pages went to interview the relatives of the murdered with shrank heart knowing that they would only find pain and an immense love for the father, the deceased husband. At the same time, they wonder about the serenity of all of them. It seemed as if they were living in a bliss that was not from this world, oblivious to hate, to the bitterness, probably because the families of the dead ones were always infinitely good.

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