The first objective that the Basque Studies Popular Foundation was born with it is met today with the presentation of this book. Roots of Freedom( Raices de Libertad) is an emotional tribute to the victims of the terrorism of ETA, murdered solely and exclusively for representing the ideas of the center-right linked to the concept and the feeling of being Basque and Spanish at the same time.

We can divide the senseless performance terrorist in two well-defined moments; at the beginning of the democratic transition,-the end of the seventies and early eighties- in which terrorism almost managed to exterminate our ideology in the Basque Country attacking against the representatives of the Union of the Democratic Center and Alliance and, from 1,995, with the resurgence of the center-right Basque, achieved it in the fusion of various parties that gave birth to the Popular Party.

We wanted to remember mainly to people, not to the positions they occupied, because in the first place they were parents, spouses, children, excited about their work, hopeful with their families. Like the rest of victims of terrorism, the portraits that now come to light are for us more than a date on the calendar of pain.

With this publication, we want to remind our comrades who settled unintentionally - along with the other victims, at the root of liberty, a gift which we are about to reach it. This is the only reason that the militants and sympathizers of the Basque Popular Party continue to defend the same as our dead defended: be free in a society that it is not, claim equal rights between Basques and, by their example, represent those who their voice and vote are denied.

And we have not been alone in this struggle, our comrades from all over Spain have also suffered, some of them also victims of the terror by having the same identity as the Basque Popular, aggravated by the lack of any protection.

I would like to thank Antonio Merino and Alvaro Chapa for their work and dedication, authors of the book, without forgetting the necessary coordination and work of Carlos Olazábal, alma mater and the driving force behind this work. Many thanks to all.

Antón Damborenea Basterrechea




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