Archivo del IV Marqués de Valde-Espina

The archive of 'The Valde-Espina' is undoubtedly the most important private archive about the preparation, development and completion of the last carlist war.

This document collection was compiled by General D. Carlos VII, D. Juan Nepomuceno de Orbe and Mariaca, IV Marquis of Valde-Espina, who was in all carlist attempts occurred since the Seven Years' War until almost the end of the nineteenth century.

He took the field in 1833, when he was 14 years, as an assistant to his father, José María de Orbe and Elío, General who was Minister of War with Carlos V. and went into exile when he was Commander after the betrayal of Vergara.

In 1848, he took part in the conspiracy that killed the Carlist General Alzaá, shot in Zaldivia.

In 1860, he participated in the failed attempt of General Ortega, so he was promoted to colonel, and in 1868 was named Royal Commissioner of Biscay and Guipuzcoa.

He attended the great assembly of Vevey (Switzerland) in 1870, where Carlos VII gathered all the dignitaries of the carlist party.

He took part in the movements of 1871 and 1872, of which he wrote a report.
In the last carlist campaign he participated in many battles, as Eraul, Lacar, etc., and emigrated again to France in 1876 with Carlos.

Back in Spain he represented his King as Royal Delegate of the Basque Provinces, Navarre and Old Castile. He died in Ermua in 1891.

This archive consists of 31 folders and contains thousands of documents. It is essential for the history of the carlist movement. Five folders derive from the correspondence of Father Maldonado, six of them from the Carlist Council of the Lordship of Biscay in the last carlist war, one from the General Accounting Office of the Lordship and the rest of them directly from the correspondence and documentation Marquis IV.

It certainly will clarify shadows on matters as ignored as the attempts of 1848, 1871 and 1872, or the famous Santa Cruz Priest, which Valde-Espina forced to surrender and give him his black flag.

It also contains the letters that Don Juan Nepomuceno sent throughout all the campaign from 1872 to 1876 to his wife, Dona Casilda Gaytan de Ayala, who emigrated to Bordeaux. These personal letters are the real secret history of Carlism, intimacies and judgments about people and events hitherto unknown.


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