One of the aims of the The Basque Studies Popular Foundation (FPEV) is to recover and classify documents about history, culture and life in the Basque Country.

To this end the FPEV is permanently recovering and digitizing historical collections that have been donated by individuals, in order to safeguard them, so that they do not disappear and any interested people, present and future, can access them for analysis and dissemination.

Sponsored by the Department of Culture of the Basque Government, the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and the BBK Foundation, the Foundation has recovered more than 200,000 documents and photographs related mainly to the Basque Country since the beginning of its activity.

The photographic collection is extensive and covers different topics. The collection starts in the early twentieth century, collecting activity of families and daily life of the capital and Basque villages until the seventies. In that archive an extensive collection of photographs of Civil War drama stands out.

In the documentary field, of particular importance is the recovery of historical archives of central figures of carlism in the third carlist war, such as Valde-Espina and Olazabal archives, that tell us about the proceedings in that war or in later life and about the political activities of Carlos VII in exile. From this period, a broad political correspondence between all the characters of carlism and an important photographic collection in relation to the events and their leaders is preserved.

The Foundation has the interest to continue recovering family and photographic archives, of political and cultural nature, and is available for recovery and digitization, at no cost for the interested individuals,
and the originals which are digitalized would remain in their ownership.

Therefore, if you know or have funds that may be of interest to explain our history do not hesitate to contact us.





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