The Popular Foundation for Basque Studies (FPEV), after its birth in late 2009, has achieved in the last two years a great recognition of Basque society.

This has been possible thanks to the help we have received from our "partner-friends" that have attended seminars, lectures, conferences and book presentations.

Moreover, the FPEV is making a great effort to recover from oblivion the memory of our society and our institutions, in order to create a reference archive in the Basque Country and prevent a part of the real history from being forgotten, "expurgated "or manipulated.

To date the Popular Foundation for Basque Studies guards more than 200,000 digitized documents, whether text documents, photographs, films and sound recordings. Much of these funds have been provided by contributors and are unique and irreplaceable documents.

As Foundation, its performance in this regard, is the digitization of the funds by returning the original back to its owners, unless the desire of these owners is the foundation to keep them.

The Foundation will analyse and document the information received, but will not make it public without the consent of their owners.

We encourage you to send us any document you may have that might be interesting to keep, related to our history.


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