Could be that the result of all this history of relations between Church-religion and socio-political environment remains as a pending task in the Basque society. In which instead of searching for an adequate solution to the problem, we continue to ignore the problem by a pragmatism tactical capable of ensuring the power to a more or less hegemonic nationalism in its instrumental idea of modern culture.

In any case, the reader will find in this book all the historical information needed to get closer to the evolution of this relationship always problematic in all European societies, to meet the changing contexts in its approach, and the specific difficulties that has found its resolution in the case of the modern history of the Basque society.

A necessary book and essential if we want, although with delay, the Basque society can enter in the parameters of the culture that inherits the principles of the Enlightenment.


Prologe by Joseba Arregi


Presentation by Mikel Azurmendi in San Sebastián (2017/09/02)icono pdf



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