Vol. III "The End"






The day August 24 1937, at 24 hours, was the date and the time limit set by Ajurriaguerra and the head of the CTV, General Doria, for the surrender and pass all the Nationalists battalions to the Corpo Truppe Volontarie.

The negotiations had been initiated on June 25 by the interlocutors themselves in the Palace of Horacio Echevarrieta in Punta Begoña (Neguri-Guecho), in the twilight of the national offensive on Vizcaya. For the time of the meeting with the Italians the EBB of the PNV had selected a significant group of hostages to safeguard their lives. All of them are going to be moved to Cabo Mayor (Santander) on July 1 or 2 adjacent to the chalet where the Lehendakari Aguirre and the most important leaders of the EBB had fixed their residence.

The noon of the day August 23, 1937 Ajurriaguerra, flights to Santander from Biarritz to "direct the execution of the agreement." On the same noon the EBB meets with Aguirre in Cabo Mayor and, on the morning of 24, the aircraft "NEGUS" takes off landing an hour later and arriving at Biarritz with Aguirre, Monzon and de la Torre. Ajurriaguerra will give the order to evacuate Santander in the morning, and the life of the hostages will undertake a capricious fate.

On the day 24, the EBB meet in Laredo they dispose the exit of their members after dinner. Again the aircraft "NEGUS" translate the President of the EBB, Ciaurriz, but before the end it will make one more trip; the following day it will come out with the Commissioners of the Euzko Gudarostea, Lejarcegui and Ugarte, the military responsibles of the pact.

On the night from the 24 to the 25, the captains Pujana and Eguillor inform to the EBB of the Pact of Guriezo, but in the limit of 24 to 24 no one had not been surrender… nor the boats hired two months ago have arrived. Not all of the leaders of the PNV are going to be able to go out, because they do not have sufficient hostages.

The Italian documentation will reflect the events hour by hour. To this information will be added the one exchanged between Franco and Mussolini on the fulfillment of the Pact, besides the one prepared by the Nationalists responsible to explain the execution of the same, both publicly by José Antonio Aguirre, and the secret reports of the Nationalist Commissioners, Lejarcegi and Ugarte, and the Euzkadi Buru Batzar of the PNV.

The silenced opinions of the Santander Republican leaders will be the counterpoint of the information and of the decisions of their leaders.

This is the story of a party caught in the vortex of war and in the deep contradiction between their way of thinking and acting. They tried to situate themselves beyond a tragedy that their political leaders had helped to create, thinking that it was not their own dispute, but of the Spanish. It was a betrayal to each other with dramatic consequences for all.

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