Vol. II "From the Pact of Bilbao to the Pact of Santoña"







The months of May and June of 1937 have a parallel secret and life to the fight in the front of Biscay. Triggered the offensive in April, while the Nationalist systematically occupy the territory, the negotiations between all intensified in the search for a mediation and a victory. The negotiation of Franco with Aguirre, during the month of May, it seems it is going to fail, but there is always an interlocutor and everything is possible up to the last minute.

In parallel it would be open a new channel as a guarantee of the Covenant of surrender, when the Government of Mussolini, with the approval of Franco and the Vatican- starts their direct contacts with the PNV through the P. Onaindia, informal representative of Aguirre. Contacts and negotiations to be concluded in the Covenant of Santoña, four months later.

All of these negotiations will be realize initially with the surrender of Bilbao and the left margin of Nervión, with the conditions required by Franco; that is to say, without the destruction of Bilbao or of the industrial fabric of the estuary. The surrender of the Nationalists  battalions, under what some authors have referred to as the "Pact of Bilbao", will be the preamble to the surrender in the "Pact of Santoña".

The Priest Onaindia met and document his negotiations with the Italians gathering the information in a book published during the eighties, almost impossible to access it. Up to the present, it was the only source of that event.

 On June 4, 1944 the American troops enter in Rome, occupying the city and among other things their files, in order to be able to demand accountability to the hierarchs fascists. Thanks to that action, the Italian documentation referring to the Spanish civil war has come without expurgate to the current times.

Although some studies have been carried out in Spain on the Italian diplomatic documentation, it had never been accessed and published the documentation of the Italian Army referred to the negotiation of the "Pact of Santoña". Now is the time to do so.

It is tens of notes, reports and documents coming from the own Mario Roatta (Mancini), Head of the Italian Military Information Service and second of the mission in Spain of the CTV.

Roatta was the man who negotiated with all the delegates of the PNV and through the documents he tells about, day to day, and sometimes almost, hour by hour, all the negotiation to his superiors.

This historical documentation allows you to clarify the commitment of José Antonio Aguirre in these negotiations, the attitude of Franco before them, and the outcome of the covenants that were explained to us as upcoming events.


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