Vol. I "From San Sebastian to the Pact of Bilbao"






The position adopted by the PNV in Guipúzcoa, on the night of July 18, before the uprising of the military uprising in Africa, will be situated at the center of the hurricane unleashed. After months of plotting as an active element in the revolt or, at least, a neutral element before the same from his position of the Catholic party, his alliance with the Popular Front, persecutor of the Church in Spain, is going to create a chasm in the Basque Country and in Spain. At the same time, the military rebels are faced with an opposition that they did not expect, even an ally lost, creating for them a serious international problem, propaganda and religious. Such a situation moves the interest of Nationalists and the Church in achieving the PNV to change sides or, at least, their non-belligerency in the Cainite conflict, carrying out negotiations to achieve such an objective since July, 1936.

During the months of July, August and September of 1936 the contacts are permanent. The fall of San Sebastian without resistance thanks to the Nationalists not present practically in the battle fronts, the talks will fail before the provision by the Government of the Popular Front of the Basque Statute of October 36.

But the euphoria of the Statute is going to contrast with the failure, on December 36, of the offensive of the Basque Government troops on Vitoria, in the famous battle of Villareal (current Legutiano, Alava). Defeat which is the expression of the inability to occupy a city open without defense and garrison, by a numerous army but without officials or unit. The situation places the PNV before a new scenario: the attempt to seek a separate peace, saving what has been achieved, trying to return to the previous situation of the horrible crossroads to choose a side.

These negotiations in the waiting for the winter of 37 will be develop by many different links, driven and sustained perhaps not coincidentally by a number of Jesuits, with the leadership of the Vatican and Monsignor Goma, with comings and goings -- even at the opposite field-, and which will end - in spite of the bombing of Guernica, with an offer of the Vatican to Franco, and it will be forwarded to the PNV on behalf of the Pope to concretize the surrender of Bilbao and the Nationalists. The offer that has been denied systematically in its reception by the Nationalists and that this documentation denies.

Conditions offered that for many authors were fulfilled, both by some as by others, mainly in the respect to the industry and in the lack of reprisals. An offer which included, among others, the maintenance of the Economic Agreement, and a special political and administrative status, such as the province of Alava and Navarre.


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