The secret files of the war in the Basque Country. Vol. I, II and III

This work collects in three volumes the most
exhaustive investigation made so far of negotiations between the Basque Nationalist Party and the military rebels on July 18, which led to the renowned surrender of the Basque Army in Santoña to the Corpo Truppe Volontarie Army (CTV).                                                                              
It completely transcribes 962 documents referred overwhelmingly to the negotiations between the PNV and Franco. The documents were obtained from various archival sources in the Basque Country (Archivo del Nacionalismo Vasco de la Fundación Sabino Arana of the Basque Nationalist Party and Centro de Patrimonio Documental de Euskadi of the Basque Government), as in the rest of Spain (the file of Cardinal Gomá found in Archivo Diocesano de Toledo, as well as Archivo General Militar de Ávila y de Segovia, Archivo Histórico Nacional and Centro Documental de la Memoria Histórica de Salamanca, and Archivo General del Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores of Madrid).

In addition, the author incorporates for the first time translated files and Italian sources in a complete form from Archivio Storico - Diplomatico del Ministerio degli Affari Esteri, Ufficio Spagna and Archivio Ufficio Storico dello Statu Maggiore dell `Esercito, OMS Oltremare Spagna; in the last file the reader can find the full daily documentation that Italian General Staff officers maintained with nationalist leaders since April 1937 and that led to the surrender of Santoña in August 1937.

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