"Roots of Freedom" is the human story of twenty-four people killed by ETA, who belonged to the centre-right parties that have formed the current Popular Party in the Basque Country.
“Unión del Centro Democrático”, “Alianza Popular”, “Coalición Popular-Unión Foral” and the Popular Party suffered and suffer the treacherous pursuit of nationalist terrorism of ETA with the clear intention of exterminating their choice in the Basque Country. In fact, terrorists they nearly reached their goal in the 80s, but failed in the decade of the 90. The failure of that strategy is the origin and cause of the defeat of ETA.
The work undertakes the obligation and heartfelt reconstruction of the life of these victims and their families, in tribute to their sacrifice and recognition of their memory. Memory and recognition extends to almost nine hundred victims from different backgrounds, professions and ideological choices that have been killed by ETA and their families.

All of them and their sacrifice are the real and authentic roots of freedom of the Basques and of all Spaniards.
262 pp.; 21 cm x 15 cm; rustic
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 DL 324/2011




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